About Us
  The Energy Freedom Project is a grassroots organizing effort to replace the United States' dependence on oil with clean, renewable energy. In December 2002, we organized an online think-tank of experts in renewable energy, public policy and economics, to answer the question, "What would it take for us to be independent of oil?" The solution falls into two categories: we must use less energy and we must increase the supply of energy from renewable sources. We’ve identified some three dozen concrete policies that could make the U.S. entirely free of dependence on fossil fuels by 2020. Many have been proposed as legislation in one form or another, but partisan politics and special interest groups—large automobile companies, big oil, and the utility industry—have kept them from being realized.

America’s dependency on fossil fuels is damaging our health, our economy, and our environment, and it’s completely unnecessary. We are surrounded by enormous amounts of energy from natural sources like the sun, the wind, the earth, and the water. These resources do not deplete with time: the sun continues to shine, the rivers to flow. Moreover, the technology to harness these resources exists today, at prices comparable to fossil-based energy both in cost per Watt of capacity and in cost per kilowatt-hour of use. The only thing lacking is the political will to implement the reforms—but that is changing. Senators and Representatives have called for an effort on the scale of the Manhattan and Apollo Projects to free us from our dependence on oil; President Bush featured the prospect of hydrogen-powered cars in his State of the Union address.

Our goal is to revolutionize U.S. energy policy, from energy efficiency and CAFE standards for motor vehicles to distributed, renewable energy and the infrastructure to support it. We can do this if we can break the logjam of business as usual in American politics and inspire people with the vision of bountiful, affordable clean energy.

We are organizing a movement that can educate the people and motivate them to action. We offer a way to counter the power of entrenched businesses that depend on maintaining the status quo. Working with like-minded organizations, we will use the power of word-of-mouth to spread the word that energy freedom is possible. We will notify our members of important legislation and provide easy mechanisms for them to contact their legislators by e-mail and fax at no cost. We will publish a congressional scorecard for energy policy and we will support candidates who make energy independence a high priority. We will bring energy policy experts together with influential political leaders to help set policy. We will engage in a powerful public relations campaign: articles in the national press; speeches; sample letters to the editor that our members can use as a basis for their own letters; opinion pieces in campus newspapers; television and radio spots.

This movement is in the very beginning stage. So far, servers have been donated to host the web site and manage the membership roster. We’re in the process of putting our policy recommendations on the web and asking sympathetic organizations to spread the word to their members.

The Energy Freedom Project aims to be self-sustaining through a widespread base of small donors. We are an extremely low-budget operation with an enormous payoff: a future in which clean, renewable energy flows freely for generations to come. We’d like your help.